North America Token Engineering Academy

Toronto DAO is collaborating with the Token Engineering Academy to organize a study group that is the first of its kind in North America.

Token Engineering is a cross-disciplinary field that draws from established practices in systems, electrical, robotics & controls engineering, and more. It also draws from fields as diverse as Behavioral & Ecological Economics, Operations Research, AI & Optimization┬╣. Token Engineering is about aligning incentives to outcomes by designing cryptoeconomic systems that are robust against exploits, unintended consequences and cascade failures, in order to protect and empower users.

By taking this course, you will learn how Token Engineering can be applied to city level to solve problems. You will also gain a critical expertise for building thriving Web3.0 ecosystems. From designing a cryptoeconomic system from scratch, to enhancing token utility and growing ecosystem value, to protecting a network against economic attacks and assessing risks, token engineering is a much sought-after expertise in crypto.

The study group has 10 sessions that will take place in pre-announced sessions. The course is free with a completion certification that has to be paid. The first 3 active participants (attending all 10 sessions) will get 75 percent off and the remaining 5 would get 25 percent off per NFT. If you are interested in joining, please complete the form.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about Token Engineering and how it can be applied to solve problems at the city level. Sign up now and join us on this exciting journey!